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A game made of some minigames

A game made of some minigames

For starters, WakaVille may not be what you were expecting at all. It's a mini-management game consisting in some microgames. Every time you succeed in any of such minigmaes, you'll be rewarded with experience points so your skills are honed. Eventually you'll get money and can make your home larger and fit there more rooms hence more minigames to earn more experience points.

In the meanwhile, it's about zombies. You're in and have to go out to beat them. The score you get in these minigames can be uploaded to an online leaderboard and try to get prizes given there.

Overall, it's an interesting game, though minigames are technically poor when reviewed individually, controls are quite unresponsive and it's hard to know what you should do when you first start. You can give it a go, but keep your expectations low.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

The Mission: From Commander Waka Flocka Flame. A Zombie plague has taken over the world. Its your job to eliminate it.

Fight your way across the country as you battle hoards of zombie attackers in this post-apocalyptic thriller. Bring the pain with guns, knives, and your fists. Play mini-games to increase you skills with various weapons, and give your character more zombie-killing abilities like speed, accuracy, and more.

Compete against players from around the world in multiplayer to win real prizes like headphones, electronics, concert tickets, and even a chance to meet Waka Flocka himself backstage at a show.

Will you survive this real world zombie apocalypse? We took inspirations from our favorite zombie games. Plague Inc , Zombieville, Nazi Zombies by Call of Duty , Zombieville 2 , Zombieville 3, Plants Vs. Zombies 3, Plants Vs Zombies 2, Dead trigger 2, Dead trigger 3.

Game Developed by MXL Games a division of MobileX Labs