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SHADO Talk Freely, Protect Your Privacy _______________________________________ <b>SHADO is a FREE messaging app that unlike similar apps, PROTECTS YOUR PRIVACY.</b> <i>Confidentiality of your conve…

Talk Freely, Protect Your Privacy

SHADO is a FREE messaging app that unlike similar apps, PROTECTS YOUR PRIVACY.
Confidentiality of your conversations is our primary objective.

SHADO is a social app focused on conversation topics.
You can socialize and talk to people who share your interests.
You can organize a secret party or talk about embarrassing matters.
You can share photos in a strictly confidential setting.
You can reveal dark secrets to people in complete privacy.

No more prying eyes on your conversations.
If you want the right to talk freely, is the app for you.

Security and Privacy Features:

★ We don't read your phone number nor your phone book. You choose who you want to be with your custom profile.
★ Each message and picture you send is encrypted by a secure protocol.
★ Messages and photos aren't stored on your smartphone nor on our servers and they self-delete after a timeout.
★ Snapshots aren't stored in a public directory so they can not be stolen by malware and malicious third-party apps.
★ If your smartphone wakes up from stand-by mode your conversations are encrypted so you are the only one who can read them.

Social Features:

★ Create public and private chatrooms on specific topics.
★ Meet new people through the topic-based Chat Roulette and avoid any embarrassing situation.
★ Use the friend list available to talk quickly to people who share your interests.
★ Keep trolls away by checking a user reputation on public profiles.

More Features:

★ No limits to messages and pictures you can send.
★ Push notifications to instantly notify you about new messages.
★ Unique graphic style, inspired by the Venetian Baroque.
★ No Advertising. Zero. Nada.


"If I'd had SHADO to talk to my legionaries, Gauls would have never cracked my codes."
— Gaio Giulio Cesare

"Damn, not even my Analytical Engine can reveal the SHADO messages!"
— Charles Babbage

"The SHADO algorithm has definitely been designed by a woman to pass on gossip."
— Lady Ada Lovelace

"SHADO is incredibly secure. I see the Keganzo guys have studied my theory very well."
— Claude Shannon

Your opinion is as precious to us as your privacy.
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