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....:::: SAVE PANDA ::::.... The best panda arcade game. It is very...

....:::: SAVE PANDA ::::....

The best panda arcade game. It is very simple and fun to play. Your goal in the game is to save as many pandas as you can, by merely catching them with your finger touch. Panda is the most cutest annimal. Stay focused all the time. If you miss any panda, you lose ;(

At first the game may seem too easy, but difficulty level steadily continues to grow. However, try to catch stars that appear from time to time. It may slow pandas down or make them appear less frequently.

And now, last but not least, avoid bombs falling all the time. If you accidentaly catch one, it explodes and you lose.

The Save Panda arcade game is absolutely enjoyable. You can play it for hours. High scores screen will show you how well you are doing.

How many pandas you will be able to save?
Find out for yourself!
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