Screenshot Jungle Combat Hidden Sniper

Jungle Combat Hidden Sniper

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Added: 05/27/2015

Version: 1.02

File size: 21.17 MB


Bullet impact animation
Tilt control

It needs far more stuff
Over all, it needs technical improvements
Expert's Review

A 3D sniping game

A 3D sniping game

This is a modded version of Apocalypse Zombie Sniper Free made by the same developer, Two Up Plus Entertainment. There aren't many differences between both, and it's up to you which theme suits you most.

Here's a brief summary on what we said on AZSF, also applicable here.

The great added value of this game is that every time you fire your weapon, camera changes to show closer what happens, though this can be as useful as distracting at first. Likewise, physics are taken into account and bullets take their time to land wherever, proving that it isn't that easy to hit a target half a mile away, much less when you aim by tilting your device.

Graphics are 3D, but they may not be and, though it can be fun for a while, it needs a little bit of everything in every area to get a better rating.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

** Fun & Addictive Shooter **

Deep in the heart of the jungle lies a threat that must be eliminated. They have hostages. They have weapons. You must stop them. Take aim and don't let them out of your sights! Will you make it through the night?

* Vivid 3D terrain
* Hostages, boats, guns and more!

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Be the commando storming the frontline in this black ops, modern warfare, soldier, G.I Joe of a shooter. Let your awp strike with deadly force, its your duty to go to battle! Get moving soldier! This jungle sniper must eliminate all hostiles from the jungle. Your rifle is your weapon of choice. Snipe with deadly scope aim.