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Prevent the mobile blue light from damaging your eyes

Prevent the mobile blue light from damaging your eyes

JBlueCut is an application that reduces blue light coming from your mobile phone, a dangerous light that might harm your retina.

This application is very simple and merely presents a tool that allows users to activate or deactivate the filter and adjust the mask percentage. If you believe this could help you prevent damage to your eyes, then it's surely an essential tool to have installed in your phone.

Jintin Apps is the developer of JBlueCut, a simplistic tool that aims to help you prevent harm from blue light. Easy to use and effective.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

"JBlueCut" is a blue light screen filter - eye protection App.
Can effectively reduce the bluelight on screen and ease eyestrain by few simple steps.

Bluelight is the most harmful light in visible light.
It can cause damage to the Retina (the back of the eye).
So it's helpful to use JBlueCut's bluelight filter to protect your eye when using LED screen devices.

If you like it, please download "JBlueCut Pro" to support.

★ bluelight filter mask
★ 100 phase adjustment
★ boot automatically executed
★ notification bar shortcut
★ Top New Free Health app #1 (Taiwan)
★ Top Free Health app #6 (Taiwan)

★ If you want to install an app outside the Google Play. Please turn off the filter first to enable installation.
★ When capturing a screenshot turn off the filter first, otherwise the filter will apply to the screenshot as well.