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Gothball is an action-adventure game where you have to drive a ball...

Gothball is an action-adventure game where you have to drive a ball out of magic mazes

Gothball is a labyrinth tilt-controlled game set in both cute and creepy graphics and with some plus points. The goal is, obviously, making the ball leaving the maze. However, you'll need to collect magic items like paragons which are checkpoints that add up some time to the countdown.

Time matters: there's a hourglass that shows how much time is left to complete the level. Avoid gaps by jumping over them (double tap) and other traps set in every level, activate levers to open doors and collect power-ups.

The game is backed by a storyline and great cinematic scores. Graphics are quite good, although I understand that black and white graphics and confuse some players. Give it a chance and you'll have some hours of fun.

Perhaps there are games far more complex out there, but if you are looking for a great casual game, here's Gothball demo. Once you have checked it up, don't forget to upgrade to complete version.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

gothball is a new action-adventure game where you control the interesting being known as the gothball...

gothball rolls, jumps and blasts it's way through tons of levels with enemies, traps and puzzles.
* devious puzzles, traps, and enemies
* gorgeous hand designed levels
* intuitive controls, super fun gameplay
* butt kicking power-ups and bonus levels
* original story with cinematic score