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CLIFFESTO; an ebullient celebration, is the National Level Annual...

CLIFFESTO; an ebullient celebration, is the National Level Annual Techno-Cultural festival NIT Uttarakhand (also known as NIT UK). Cliffesto is an amalgam of a plethora of events which encompass every possible flavour. The inception of Cliffesto is with the aim of promoting arts and entertainment through various cultural events and activities; encouraging innovation in technology through various technical competitions in the field of engineering and providing impetus to college level competitions in the adventure sport of River Rafting through a three day National Level Rafting Workshop. Apart from this, the chief attractions of Cliffesto will be the “Pro-nite” (which will see performance of a popular band or a popular singer), as well as a congregation of eminent poets in the “Sham-e-Shayari”. The best part is that unlike most other Institutes, you get to enjoy the Pro-nite and the Sham-e-shayari for free and be a part of the National Level Rafting Workshop at nominal rates. This National Level Rafting Workshop is the first of its kind by a Technical Institute in India. Cliffesto also provides a platform to school going students to showcase their skills and talent through a "School Quiz" and an "Innovation Exhibition".

CLIFFESTO 2015 comes with the Rural theme and hence the tagline “Think Rural”. The aim of the Rural theme is to savour the beauty and enormity of the heritage of villages and the rural environment. CLIFFESTO 2015 welcomes everyone in the sacred land of Gods “Devbhoomi- Uttarakhand.” Visitors and participants also get a chance to go to the famous Auli Ski resort.