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Stay connected to Facebook, send emails without Internet! Be-Djezzy...

Stay connected to Facebook, send emails without Internet!

Be-Djezzy is a complementary service to the 3G network.
Be-Djezzy ensures the continuity of Internet access in non-covered areas, while guaranteeing you a better user experience in covered areas.

With Be-Djezzy, it’s easy to:

- access to your email on the go everywhere in Algeria,
- stay connected to your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter,
- find local points of interest,
- enjoy many other services without any Internet connection

Do not be limited to a few wilayas, extend your mobile Internet coverage to all Algeria with Be-Djezzy!

Be-Djezzy is using the cellular network to get Internet data. As long as you can still give a call or send a text message, you are connected!


Usage: the Be-Djezzy app is available to Djezzy customers only, under Djezzy mobile network coverage or Wi-Fi.

Download: free from a Wi-Fi hotspot or with a Djezzy data connection (EDGE/3G).

Under Djezzy mobile coverage, fees are included or deducted from your plan. Please refer to our rates page.

Requirements: Android phone with 2.3.3 OS or up

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Also discover Be-Djezzy in the Djezzy Store app for download on Google Play.

Be-Djezzy is powered by Be-Bound® technology.