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*** The A6W ABS Training Program is the simplest and most proven...

*** The A6W ABS Training Program is the simplest and most proven method to have perfect abs ****

Dreamed of having your own personal trainer but can’t afford the hefty price tag? Now you can have your very own personal trainer from the convenience of your Smartphone.

Narrated by Ivan, a cartoon-animated Russian tough-guy who won’t take no for an answer, the Steel ABS A6W app guarantees rock-hard abs in just 42 days and 30 minutes a day.

The A6W ABS Training Program, requires no special equipment and very little space, so you can do it virtually anywhere. Plus, convenient voice prompts guide you through the exercises and count down repetitions—so no slacking! With Ivan’s motivation, you’ll be well on your way to abs of steel.

The Program is one of the simplest and most proven methods to help those who want to FINALLY have the sexy, rock hard belly you’ve always wanted. It is based only on six easy excercises. After 42 days of workout you will see great results and 6-pack ABS!

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